Create bubles falling effect on Blogger (Blogspot)

To make your blog good looking, it needed creativity your own. To make it happens you can add some effects, or animated pictures, or even you can experiment with the color that makes your blog looks good, even if you have to, you can trial and error before you got the final result as You wanted, but make sure you're create it in trial template, instead of your current template to avoid something bad happened before you apply them as backup.

Talking about to make or add the blog's effect in order to make your blog looking good, this post will show you ho to create bubles falling effect. To make the bubles falling effect it's very easy and simple. You can check the demo below:

How to add/Make/Create bubles falling effect on Blogger (Blogspot)

1. Login to Your Blogger account

2. From Dashboard, go to "Design" > "Page Elements", then click "Add A Gadget" 

3. Now You choose "HTML/Java Script"

4. Then You just simply copy the following code and paste it to the HTML box

<script src=””></script>

5. Reposition the widget, then just "Save" it.

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