How to Add Music to Blog or Blogspot Using Widegt

Hello Blogger, to make your visitors enjoying when they're reading your posts, it is a good idea put music / mp3 on your blog, in order to make them more enjoyable. Not only that but also, it could something that make them fun. and when you're succeed to make them happy while they're reading, you got a double benefit for you blog.

Well, the blogging tips for this time, we'll gonna learn how to add music to blog [blogger] by widget.Anyway, To add this you should have mp3 file source code, you can be can be uploaded your code into any free hosting websites and copy the mp3 code. In order to play your song I recommend yo to direct the mp3 to Open-Drive to upload it.

1. Login to your blogger account.
2. Click Design / Layout
3. Click Page Element
4. Click Add a Gatget

5. Choose HTML/Java Script

6. Copy paste the following code to your widget

7. Save Widget

This is the example of URL:  see this example below.



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