Subscribe Widget On Blogger Sidebar

How to add this beautiful subscription widget on your blog’s sidebar ?
  1. Go to  Design > Edit Html
  2. search for the code ]]></b:skin> and replace it with the below code

#subscribebox{list-style:none; margin:0px} #subscribebox li{padding:10px 5px; position:relative; margin-top:0; margin-right:0; margin-bottom:5px; margin-left:0; height:64px; opacity:0.75; -moz-opacity:0.75} #subscribebox li:hover{ background-color:#f4f4f4; -moz-border-radius:5px; -webkit-border-radius:5px; border-radius:5px; -khtml-border-radius:5px; opacity:1; -moz-opacity:1; -webkit-transition:opacity 1s ease-out} #subscribebox li img{float:left; position:relative; padding:0px; margin:0px 10px 0px 0px} #subscribebox li h4{margin:-6px 0 3px 83px; font-size:15px; line-height:26px; color:#8B3E2F; text-shadow:1px 1px 0px #fff; font-family:Helvetica,Arial,Verdana; font-weight:bold; clear:none} #subscribebox li p{margin:0 0 0 0; font-family:Trebuchet MS,sans-serif; font-size:13px; letter-spacing:-0.02em; clear:none; text-indent:0px} #subscribebox li{background:none; border:none; top:0; left:0; right:0; bottom:0; width:100%; height:100%; position:absolute; z-index:50} ]]></b:skin>
 Now go to Page Elements and click on Add a Gadget

<ul id="subscribebox"> <li> <a class="link" href=" FEED NAME" target="_blank"></a> <img src="" alt="RSS Feeds" /> <h4>RSS Feed</h4> <p>Subscribe To RSS Feed</p> </li> <li> <a class="link" href=" FEED NAME&loc=en_US" target="_blank"></a> <img src="" alt="RSS E-Mail Delivery" /> <h4>E-Mail Delivery</h4> <p>Subscribe To Email for the latest updates right to your email</p> </li> <li> <a class="link" href=" TWITTER HANDLE" target="_blank"></a> <img src="" alt="Follow Us On Twitter" /> <h4>Twitter</h4> <p>Follow Us On Twitter to join the list of 1000  followers</p> </li> </ul>

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