Auto text completion Service For Blogger

Google Scribe is an Auto text completion tool which was launched in Google Labs an year ago. Google has recently added this feature to the Post Editor in its Draft version. GoogleScribe helps you write more efficiently by auto completing words and phrases as you type.Google Scribe supports Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish and the language is automatically detected using the text in the post. 

How to Enable Google Scribe in Blogger

1. Login to
2. Click this icon pencil on the right to enable/disable Scribe.

 and this is how the auto text completion works.. (notice the suggestion in grey)

Once Google Scribe is turned on, suggestions will appear in grey as you type.You can accept the suggestion by hitting the space bar or by keying in a punctuation mark.
3. If you would like to get more than one test suggestion at a time, then click on drop menu next to the Pencil icon, and Select "Show multiple Suggestions"


Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + j - to enable/disable Scribe
Ctrl + Shift + j - to enable/disable multiple suggestions
ESC - to temporarily remove  a suggestion 
TAB - to restore a suggestion.

Try scribing, and do let me know how it goes :).. 

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