Add Live Website Chat Widget to your blogger blog chat room is a great way to get your readers more involved in your blog. If you think about it, your visitors may end up spending the night chatting with other visitors. Now that's a great thought... The answer is Yaplet, which adds a chat room to every site on the internet!

For Example, here is the WidgetsForFree™ Chat Room . All you need to do is create a visible link or button to your site's chat room just like I have done above. Go to to find your blog's chat room.

  • You can also create a pop-up version
  • If you go to yaplet's website, you will find some nice buttons which can be placed on your blog.
All the things this Widget can be used for:
  • Chat with friends
  • Make new friends
  • Build new communities
  • Collaborate on group work
  • Telepresent
  • Provide customer service
  • Offer real-time support
  • Educate over distance
  • Play games
  • Read/write reviews
  • and more...
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