Set up Google Friend Connect on Blogger

This tutorial illustrates how to install Google Friend Connect on a Blogger template. Blogger doesn't require to install external files rcp_relay.html and canvas.html as it seems during the set up process. Set up is simple and requires only a few of seconds!

Step 1: In Google Friend Connect page click on Set up a new site option. In the next page add informations about your website, site name and home URL, then click on "Continue":

Step 2: The next page ask you to add two files to your site:

1. rcp_relay.html

2. canvas.html

...but using Blogger isn't necessary copy them (the description on Set up process isn't not so clear if you are a Blogger user!). Ignore them and click simply on "Continue":

Step 3: now format your widget selecting colors, width, height and generate your code. Sign-in on your Blogger account and click on the tab Layout > Edit HTML. Then paste the code, in a section of your Blogger Template and save it!

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