how to ping Your Blog ?

Blog or website Ping is a push mechanism based on XML-RPC to notify a ping server about the content updation of weblog.

Ping is a term very popular in the world of blogging, please don't confuse with term "Ping" which is also a tool to check whether a particular host is reachable or not. Here Ping term is used differently.

Blog Ping Usage:

The main usage of Ping is to deliver the latest updated content to ping servers. Everyday millions of bloggers around the world uses online ping services to notify various websites and aggregators about their latest contents. Here are some popular pinging services available online-

Blog Flux Pinger - Blog ping

Some of the services listed above are open to ping any blog, while few services provide pinging service only to registered blog.

Blog Ping Tips:

1--> Stay on top of search engines by providing your content immediately as and when you update using Ping.

2--> Some of the ping services maintain the list of blogs recently pinged. It can also contribute to your web traffic.

3--> Ping your blog to Aggregators like- YahooTechnoratiGoogle Blog SearchFeedBurnerBulkFeedIceRocket and BlogBlogs to increase your blog traffic.

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